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Cinema has always played a pivotal role in tourism, for better or for worse. After watching a film based in a dreamy destination, it is hard not to fantasize about visiting the location on your own. This has led to an influx of tourism to varying film locations, indicating the film industry’s capability to turn a once-undiscovered land into a booming spot for travelers. Discover a few of these travel destinations below.

Doune Castle, Scotland

Many historical or fantasy films share a common need for their setting, that being the need for a castle. As far as castles go, there are a few locations that have been used in such films, although the Doune Castle in Scotland takes the cake in this category. Growing into one of the most popular filming destinations, the Doune Castle has been featured in mainstream media such as Game of Thrones and other shows and movies. Though the castle’s charm brought in visitors on its own, it has since brought in numerous flocks of tourists after being featured in shows and movies.

Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

Harry Potter has one of the most expansive cult followings of all time, rivaling fans of Star Wars and others. The film series has led a large number of tourists to the U.K. to see the likes of Hogwarts and the magical musings of London. But one other attraction that has grown more popular is the Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland. This railway viaduct is home to none other than the trail to Hogwarts, of which the Hogwarts Express traveled in the movies. Tourists can go enjoy a train ride here themselves, made even more memorable by the beautiful surrounding scenery.


Hawaii has always been a coveted destination, but travel to the island has only grown more dreamy to potential tourists after being featured in countless movies. While watching productions such as Hawaii Five-O, Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, LOST and countless others, it would be nearly impossible to see the landscape and not want to travel there. Hawaii offers gorgeous scenery that can often only be found in the most remote locations of the world. As a result of being a popular filming destination, Hawaii’s tourism has only continued to grow to tourists of all kinds.

In addition to these destinations, there are countless other locations that have been forever changed even after being shown in just one movie. The film industry undoubtedly has the ability to change a location’s tourism for the rest of time, and this likely will not change any time soon.