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The travel industry utilizes innovation to improve customers’ experience and enable customers to reach their dream destinations. Integrating innovative ideas into the travel industry keeps evolving with advancements in technology. For service providers in the industry, staying on edge with new creative ideas is the only way to maintain a competitive advantage against competitors. Customers are the beneficiary of new technologies with a small price to pay for the improved experience.

Why innovate in the travel industry?

For one, improve customer experience remains crucial. The next “gen” travelers (next generation) are millennials. Millennials cling to the satisfaction derived from receiving the best services. This population often travels to hubs and technological cities and prefers staying in a modern setting. The travel industry has to be therefore innovative enough to capture such a market.

Technological advancements

Technology has brought innovative solutions to the travel industry. Like, Artificial Intelligence, AI to create an automatic response, and AI chatbots to customers who visit travel websites. Chatbots and automated responses can guide customers to book their flights without interacting with humans. Such technologies facilitate efficient traveling arrangements.

The introduction of robots in the travel industry is another innovative solution. Hotels are already integrating robots to facilitate concierge for travelers. Concierge robots are working as real assistants for travelers. They are capable of managing guest requests on the go. These robots are the real money and time saver. Concierge robots even take care of other duties like delivering room service to guests, serving food and drinks in restaurants, carrying luggage and cleaning, etc.

A cashless system for travelers is pivotal in a future where cryptocurrency is challenging for its place in global finance. While some travel agents make all travel arrangements for their clients who pay in advance, a customer may be torn apart if they do not carry any money and need to make a purchase. Contactless payments are the new norm.

As technology advances, features such as recognition technologies such as fingerprint, facial and retina scan recognition systems help improve security. Travelers are always at risk when using innovative technologies that will enhance their experience. The travel industry needs to invest in cybersecurity measures to safeguard travelers.

Companies in the travel industry are working hard to utilize innovative technologies. The next-gen travelers expect nothing less than a perfect experience, and service providers cannot afford not to meet their expectations.