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Solo travel can be an exhilarating and enlightening experience. Exploring other countries as a party of one can lead to monumental growth and insights. As borders slowly open again in a post-Covid era, wanderlust is bound to strike the intrepid traveler who wants to get out on the road again. Traveling alone can be a delightful journey, but it is important to remember basic safety guidelines. Here are some ideas for staying safe while traveling abroad:

1. Be aware of your surroundings: 

Although it seems like common sense, some travelers do not take this suggestion seriously. However, a basic awareness of your surroundings is highly advisable to maintain a reasonable amount of safety. Steps to take include registering with your embassy while traveling, keeping the address of your accommodations in an easily accessible location, and having a basic understanding of the dangerous areas in your destination.

2. Maintain reasonable sobriety: 

Single travelers often enjoy going clubbing and exploring the nightlife on their travels. While drinking can undoubtedly be part of your vacation, it is important not to get excessively drunk in a strange locale, as this can lead to all sorts of unintended and unwanted consequences. Solo travelers might choose to go to clubs with local friends, as being in a group increases safety. Avoid dark or non-touristy areas at night, especially if you are not entirely sober. Most importantly, never leave your drink alone in a restaurant, club, or dance floor.

3. Stay in contact: 

Staying in contact with family and friends back home regularly ensures that others are aware of your plans. An international sim card can be purchased for $20-$40, which will help you to keep in touch. Purchasing travel insurance will help you to return home in the event of an illness or an emergency, and the operators at the insurance companies can be very helpful if there is a problem.

4. Try not to look like a lost tourist: 

Unfortunately, tourists are often targets for criminals. Taking steps to blend in with the local culture will help ensure your safety. Dress respectfully for the culture you are immersed in. Don’t flash around large sums of money. Don’t wear expensive jewelry. Most importantly, pay attention to your gut instincts and act on them; it might just save your life.