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We all love the idea of a vacation, whether it’s visiting another country or languishing on the beach within a beautiful resort. However, limited cash flow and problems getting time off from work can make this dream difficult. This is why many people have chosen a “staycation” instead. This is a type of vacation you can take without going too far from your home, one that typically saves you money in the long run. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, check out the following tips on how to plan the perfect staycation for you or your family.

1. Choose where to go

Figure out what type of activity you would enjoy doing first. Do you want to relax, or do you like to go, go, go? Find the closest place near your home that offers what you want to do while you’re on vacation. You usually don’t have to look far to find activities that suit your desires.

2. Create your budget

Create a budget like you would for a regular vacation. Remember, you are probably saving a good deal if you aren’t buying airline tickets or renting an expensive room at a resort, so it’s okay to splurge a little bit on your staycation. Just don’t go into debt over it!

3. Look for online discounts

If you are staying close to home, download the apps that will make it easy to find discounts on what you wish to do in your city. For example, Groupon, TripAdvisor, LivingSocial, and offer amazing deals on hotel rooms and activities near your home.

4. Choose a low-cost sleeping arrangement

Do you live in an area that offers a lot of camping arrangements? Tent camping can be an excellent way to save money on sleeping arrangements. You may also find low-cost cabins for rent at local state and national parks that will give you the vacation you want without the high costs of a hotel room.

5. Become a tourist in your city

Take a look around your area to find places you have never been before. Chances are, there are plenty of places you may not even know about! Museums, art galleries, new restaurants, tour groups, and unique shops can all be found in obscure places when you veer off the main road! It’s fun to explore places you have never been to in your own area during a staycation, so book the tickets online and take pride in what your city offers.